We need to get the people in District 15 back to work and support creating jobs that will allow them to support their families.

These days stock prices are at an all-time high and corporations are pulling in record profits but many in our part of America are feeling left out.

Many skilled and dedicated workers find themselves locked out from the only jobs they knew.  Just like the company’s abandoned buildings, these workers were left behind while their companies closed up, and moved away in search of higher profits.

Today many of these workers are stuck in low-paying, dead-end jobs where their former skills are not required if they can find any work at all.

Generations of American workers have spent their lives making large corporations rich only to see their jobs transferred overseas.  While we have seen some improvements in the economy, too many of our friends and neighbors continue to struggle financially.

My standard for any trade deal is pretty straight forward – if it doesn’t grow our economy and strengthen working families in Florida, I won’t support it.

One of the first things I plan to do is work to close tax loopholes for corporations that ship American jobs overseas.  Other important things that need to be done are to revisit the NAFTA treaty and crack down on overseas currency manipulators.

The bottom line is that ALL members of Congress have to work together to ensure that more products read, “Made in the USA”.

Economic growth in District 15 is stagnant primarily due to a failure of leadership from our elected Representative in Washington. In the entire eight years the incumbent congressman has been in office, he never once provided the local business community with any plan for growth or development.  Also, during those eight years, he has not provided any meaningful assistance from the government to the citizens of our District.

The fact that he has not provided any noticeable help from Washington is not an accident. This lack of action is directly the result of his stated policy of implementing, “less government”.

In surrounding districts, we see progress in the form of new industries and those industries bring in thousands of new jobs. These are industries that were brought in due to incentives offered by the government at the behest of their congressman.  These jobs and tax income could have benefited District 15, had our congressman bothered to do his job.

My plan is to collaborate with government and academic institutions, such as our new Polytechnic University, to prepare our workers for 21st-century manufacturing jobs.  I will also sit down with businesses and find out what it will take to quickly increase employment in District 15.

District 15 needs someone to stand up for our working families.

I will not be satisfied until every citizen in District 15 who is willing to work can find a good paying job at a living wage.