Congressional Candidate Greg Pilkington on Immigration

Congressional Candidate Greg Pilkington on Immigration

Immigration Reform in America is long overdue.

Immigration reform is a complicated issue that requires thoughtful, realistic common sense policies that help keep families together.

The approach of this current presidential administration is dangerous and unrealistic. Immigrants, both legal and illegal live in fear as they try to support their families and build better lives.

It is my belief that we should allow compassion to be our guide in creating policies that address the long-standing issues in our immigration laws. There is a middle ground that can be reached if a bi-partisan effort is made to address the problems.

This is an economic issue. We need immigrants as part of our workforce. One area of the U.S. economy that is affected greatly by this issue is our agricultural businesses. Most often their business model is based on cheap immigrant labor. If this is disrupted the cost of food will increase and that creates an economic difficulty for many American households. That being said, it is wrong to punish an illegal immigrant for coming to the U.S. to work and not punish the company that looked the other way and hired them without documentation. They should be held accountable and the current laws should be applied.

As I said in the video, “As your Congressman, I will be a persuasive voice advocating for reason and compassion in these debates.”

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