Greg Pilkington on Immigration Reform and Race Relations.

Why Immigration Reform and Race Relations are important.

I’d really like to get one of those DNA tests. You know the ones that tell you where all you come from? My mother’s father is Armenian. Her mother can trace her English family back to the 1700’s. My father’s father came out of the NC mountains sometime after the American Revolution (the name Pilkington can be traced back to 1066). My father’s mother was part Cherokee.

You see, I understand diversity. My mother’s brother was brown with dark curly hair (he’s the younger of the two in the photos circa 1961). Dapper like his father, my Poppo (the other image).

Poppo’s family were not so fortunate. His father (my great-grandfather) and his four brothers were killed in Turkish concentration camps in 1915. His mother and he escaped – he was then 11 and she dressed him as a little girl.

We never really talked about his experience, but my uncle (the brown curly guy) spoke about tolerance and diversity whenever he was around. He was brilliant.

We can never underestimate intolerance. We are incapable of knowing that which we are capable of doing.

As Americans, we have no room for hate and intolerance. We do have more than enough for everyone that wants to participate. We must make sure we have a level playing field for all.

These past days have shown our true colors. We are not what the current administration would have us seem.

Most importantly, when we vote, we can change the world!

Please encourage your candidates by making a contribution to show your support and help continue the fight.

#LetsWorkTogether #BlueWave