Congressional Candidate Greg Pilkington on Working Together - Greg Pilkington For Congress

Congressional Candidate Greg Pilkington on Working Together

I was working on the above video when I read about the tragedy in Charlottesville, Va.

I believe it makes this message even more important.

At this moment in American history, we are divided and it has to stop.  These divisions are wreaking havoc on our country, impeding our progress and encouraging a loss of respect for our nation around the world.

We not only need to bring America together but we need to bring our leaders together. The partisan efforts to pass legislation of such great importance to all Americans as healthcare, spotlighted the system’s failures.

Congress as of this writing has an approval rating of 20%. The main reason that Americans do not have faith in Congress is that they feel that Congress is broken. We can fix that.

We need to get rid of career politicians and rein in the huge sums of money in politics. We need our Congress to work for the people, not Wall St, Big Banks, Big Business and special interests.

To do this we MUST work together for the greater good of our nation so that we serve ALL of our citizens. That is the kind of Congressman that I want to be.

There is no way forward unless we construct legislation in an open and bipartisan manner that has the needs of its people at its core.Greg Pilkington, Congressional Candidate Fl. District 15



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