I want to be your Congressman because I know that I can negotiate on the behalf of the people of Florida's 15th District to ensure that the needs of our community are met.    In the past, our representatives have failed to do this. The 15th district deserves a representative who serves the average American instead of exclusively serving those who widen his wallet. I intend to be the type of public servant who remembers that their responsibility is to serve the public.

About Greg Pilkington

I was raised by a blue collar family outside Charlotte, where I met and married my wife of over thirty years and we began our family.  I've worked in numerous fields over my career, from hauling freight and managing restaurants in my younger years, to working as a project manager  for FedEx and DHL later in life. I most recently worked for the last nine years as the Executive Officer for Budget & Strategy for the World Customs Organization located in Brussels, Belgium.  I have facilitated and conducted millions of dollars of  business in forty five different nations around world, bringing people together to achieve goals has been my life's work.

My family has lived in Brandon since the early 1980's. Over the years, this area has become extremely near & dear to me. It's hard not to fall in love with our little stretch of Florida watching the sunrise over trees laden with Spanish moss, or riding my motorcycle over rolling hills of orange groves. We live in a truly beautiful corner of the world and I am sincerely proud to call our community home.  Though I deeply love Central Florida, I also see where we can be better.

I refuse to sit idly by while our district continues to decay! I intend to fight for average Americans who are tired of the dysfunction, hypocrisy, and partisan politics that are consuming Congress! When I look around our community I see hard-working, salt of the Earth Americans struggling to maintain the hope that we can become a more vibrant and economically stable community. I want to be a vehicle for our area to achieve its potential.

  • I want to improve our region's infrastructure, starting with I-4, our nation's deadliest highway.
  • I want to see more new industries and better-paying jobs brought into the 15th district.
  • I want to make sure that the every citizen has access to affordable, quality healthcare.
  • I want our children to have access to the best public education possible and take care of our nation's educators
  • I want to improve our veteran health services and make sure that veterans have access to all the help that they need.
  • I want to strengthen Social Security and Medicare.
  • I want to make sure that everyone has the right to vote.

Together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. The power resides in us to improve our community and reclaim Washington D.C for America's working class.

I am a lifelong Democrat with a proven track record, an entire career, of getting things done. As your Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, I will work everyday on your behalf, not for the special interests who are strangling our democracy.


A vote for me is a vote for the future of Florida’s 15th District.



  • Bachelor of Science, Pfeiffer University
  • Master of Science in International Business, University of South Carolina
  • FedEx
  • DHL Worldwide Express
  • Executive Officer for Budget & Strategy, World Customs Organization

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